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Workshops 2019

There are still a few places available!

Sonia Rodriguez Workshop
26th and 27th October 2019
13–17 h
with Sonia Rodriguez


Schulferien Basel-Stadt und Baselland 2019/20
Sommerferien: 29. Juni bis 10. August 2019
Herbstferien: 28. September–12. Oktober 2019
Weihnachtsferien: 21. Dezember 2019–4. Januar 2020
Fasnachts- und Sportferien: 22. Februar–7. März 2020 (Basler Fasnacht 2.–4. März 2020)
Frühjahrsferien und Dreitageblock: 4.–18. April 2020 (Dreitageblock: 6.–8. April 2020)
Sommerferien: 27. Juni–8. August 2020

Feiertage 2019/20
Pfingstmontag: 10. Juni 2019
Weihnachten: 25.–26. Dezember 2019
Basler Fasnacht: 2.–4. März 2020
Ostern: 10.–13. April 2020
1. Mai
Auffahrt: 21. Mai 2020
Pfingstmontag 1. Juni 2020

Aktuelle Workshops

partnering stretching

There are still a few places available!

In cooperation with Profitraining and Tanzbüro Basel


26th and 27th October 2019
13–17 h


In this workshop I will share my choreographic point of view and contribute ideas for reflecting on our capabilities and limitations as performers. I invite dancers and movers who want to experiment and transform old patterns into new to join in. It will be an evolving process. We will focus on „playing“ with movement phrases by combining different energetic qualities and different levels of intensity to see how we can achieve the inspiring idea of „crossing the border of our borders“. The first objective will be to exude presence without having fear. This way we can be (more) honest about, and consequently (better) share our feelings and inspiration. We’ll engage in intense physical work and also explore bodily experiences and movement images so that we can (further) develop personal performing strategies. We’ll work on our perception of the body, with its layers of different sensations that connect to our emotional states, as we emphasize the body’s natural alignment and movement - between doing and observing the flow of impulses. Through attentive work on various sequences, we’ll gain insightful awareness of the movement itself, along with the energy, space, movement dynamic and speed that we use in our dancing.

is a choreographer and an internationally renowned teacher who gives classes regularly at Profitraining Basel. She comes from Gran Canaria and is based in Berlin. Over the past ten years Sonia has been teaching, choreographing and leading workshops for companies, schools and at festivals: at Conservatoire of Portugal, Cia Metros, Lanonima Imperial, Institut del Teatre Barcelona, Norrdans, Scottish Dance Theater, Iwanson School, En-Knap, CMD'H, ICDW Prague, Sasha Waltz, Beijing Dance Festival, Marameo Tanzprobebühne and Danseu Festival. Sonia has her own company, „Cie Sonia Rodríguez“, with which she has created various soli and group choreographies, many of which have received prizes at international choreography contests.

Date and Time
26th and 27th October 2019
13–17 h

Fr. 80.— Tanzbüro-members
Fr. 100.— non-Tanzbüro members

Registration and more information
Rebecca Weingartner

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